DCU has always demonstrated a commitment to gender equality and a passion and dedication to advancing women in STEM. The mission of Accenture’s Women on Walls is one that resonates deeply with DCU. The campaign at DCU will recognise the pioneering achievements of a group of extraordinary women and enhance the visibility of female leaders in STEM. DCU hopes that the presence of these portraits will inspire future generations of female leaders in STEM who will realise that "I have seen it and I can be it".

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"These beautiful portraits of five inspiring female trailblazers are a fitting tribute to their major contributions in their respective fields. By honouring these women, we are telling our students and, in particular, female students on campus and in our schools, 'there are no limits'. Thanks to the extraordinary creativity of our internationally acclaimed panel of artists, these five women will continue to inspire future generations at DCU."

― Daire Keogh
President, DCU

The purpose of Women on Walls at DCU


Educate by highlighting the significant contributions of the trailblazers who feature in the commissioned portraits and whose exploits left a significant impact on society. Spotlight the incredible opportunities that exist within the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and STEM adjacent fields.


Inform by highlighting the social, cultural, political and economic conditions of the world in which each of the five subjects navigated their respective challenges. Learn of the stories behind each of our commissioned artists and how they brought the portraits to life.


Inspire by sharing the stories of the women in the featured commission and the stories behind outstanding female academics and researchers in DCU who are forging their own incredible paths in STEM and STEM adjacent fields.


Engage people through the lens of the artists and the medium of art which brings to life stories which demonstrate tenacity, determination, passion, spirit and an unwavering commitment to forge new paths.